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MDIntelleSys originally began as Intellemed founded by Dr. Dan Montzka, a Retina Specialist, for use in his own practice in 2003. Since then, there have been many changes to both our business and our EHR product including the formation of MDIntelleSys, LLC as a joint venture between IntelleMed and Extensys Inc., covering many technology areas including database design and management, networking, network and system security, virtualization, data center design as well as many others.

[Inventors of the best cloud based EHR software.]

MDIntelleSys is now able to bring the best of both companies together to provide our customers with solutions that are not only leading edge in the field of EHR, but also backed by an IT services organization that has the advanced skills to help implement solutions even in the most complex of environments.

Version 6.0 and Cloud Based Technology

In the spring of 2009 we brought a completely new version of IntelleChart (6.0) to market, which was completely rewritten to take advantage of cloud-based technology. Cloud technology enabled us to offer a solution that starts by replacing the commonly used client/server solutions with one that is run from our data centers and only requires the practice to have a browser and an Internet connection to be able to access their charts from virtually anywhere. In addition to the reduced technical footprint for our customers, we were able to dramatically scale our application with an installation and support process of the system that is much less complex. Our customers also benefit from much faster installation time lines to receiving software updates on a more frequent basis since we can focus more resources on development rather the support and maintenance.

History and Performance

Professional EHR systems sales and installations.MDIntelleSys, LLC, Inc., located in Clearwater, Florida, designs, develops, and markets proprietary intelligent healthcare solutions for the Ophthalmologist and Retinal Specialist through MDIntelleSys, LLC’s electronic health records (“EHR”) software suite, called IntelleChart. Consequently, the Company’s products are highly effective in delivering greater safety, quality and efficiency in healthcare for the Ophthalmologist and Retinal Specialist than other “generic” EHR software currently being offered to the industry.

Because of a strong research and development department, along with management’s active involvement in industry associations, the Company is well known in the emerging field of HER, and for its ophthalmology EHR software. Its leading product, IntelleChart, is the only product capable of documenting a specific detailed chart note without typing.

Dan P. Montzka, M.D., Chairman and CEO, conceived the idea for MDIntelleSys, LLC in 2004. Dr. Montzka is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in diseases of the vitreous and retina. Dr. Montzka received his bachelor’s degree with honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology in 1985. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1989 receiving the Charles A. Oliver award for outstanding achievement in the field of Ophthalmology. After serving his ophthalmology residency at Scheie Eye Institute in Philadelphia, Dr. Montzka completed his fellowship training in retina and intraocular tumors at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. He has authored numerous papers on retinal vascular disease and retinal electrophysiology. He has had a long time interest in the innovative application of technology to medical care and education. He edited the popular Wills Eye Hospital Review of Ophthalmology on CD-ROM and served as the medical consultant on the classic ophthalmology reference Duane’s Clinical Ophthalmology on CD-ROM. Dr. Montzka maintains an active interest in the latest research and treatment of retinal disease.

Dr. Montzka explains:

“Before we created the IntelleChart EHR technology, I was spending hours dictating charts, trying to locate misplaced charts and watching my staff struggle to coordinate the movement of charts between offices. Worse yet, important patient specific communications, typically on a sticky note, were less than reliable. Once we implemented the IntelleChart EHR solution, dictation was virtually eliminated. No more staff time wasted locating or moving charts. Patient specific communications are now highly reliable – a real stress reducer. Documentation has improved in terms of efficiency, completeness and clarity. The ‘feared’ Medicare audit seems far less ominous. Since the design and interface was specifically created for ophthalmology, critical clinical data is easily accessible. No more shuffling through paper charts to assimilate the necessary information. IntelleChart EHR was created to easily document the significant pathology found in the typical Ophthalmologist or Retina Specialist’s office, while ensuring clinic efficiency and quality of care. Once the basics, such as security, data integrity and backup are addressed, there are essentially two aspects of an EHR that will affect clinic efficiency and the quality of the care provided. First, how rapidly can you enter specific, detailed clinical findings into the record and secondly, how efficiently can you find the information needed to make a clinical decision or develop a treatment plan. How many clicks does it take? Is there an excessive amount of scrolling required? Is the interface intuitive? Unfortunately, many EHR's are sold primarily on the basis of integration with other office software and the effect on the overall clinic flow is given minimal consideration. The promised ROI will quickly evaporate if clinic efficiency and quality of care is compromised.”

In early 2005, Dr. Montzka gathered a highly qualified management team to fully research and develop a new business around this product. The team spent a great amount of time studying, testing, proving, and refining the software. By June 2005, they had made the necessary commercial and technical contacts to begin marketing the product, and test the market acceptance of the product. The Company’s focus is to become the premier provider of EHR solutions for the Ophthalmologist and came up with an ophthalmology EMR system that really works well. Our browser-based design is an incredibly noteworthy accomplishment; and by leveraging software specifically designed for cloud computing, our solution takes online user collaboration to a new level with our Shared Clinical Knowledge Base. The best methods for documenting findings, diagnostics, treatments, etc. can now be easily shared online with peers within your sub-specialty through our ophthalmology EHR systems. Also, MDI leverages Adaptive Template Technology to create "patient specific" templates. This technology opens the door for a whole new level of charting efficiency saving valuable clinic time.